Video Marketing for Attorneys

As an attorney, you have a lot of competition. So how do you make your business stand out from the rest? The easiest way is with video marketing! Video connects to your clients emotionally in a way that text alone never can. Whether through the personal stories of your previous clients or by reinforcing your expertise in your area of practice, video will help you win their trust. And we know that trust is what your clients look for in you. Two Channel Media specializes in video marketing for attorneys and businesses, so let us help you sell yourself. Start marketing with video today!

Client Testimonial Videos

There’s no better way to convince future clients to entrust your services than through the personal stories of people you’ve previously represented. Check out some of the testimonials we’ve done.


Metrolink Train Crash Victim and Family

Child Sex Abuse–Mother of Victim

Child Sex Abuse–Mother of Victim

Automobile Accident–Wife of Victim

Automobile Accident–Wife of Victim. (Same testimonial in Spanish)

Promotional/Web Commercial

The quickest and easiest way to start marketing with video is to make a web commercial. Potential clients don’t have time to read scores of text throughout your website. With video you can let them know you’re there to take care of them. Plus, you can advertise your expertise on various websites around the internet.

Area of Practice Informational Videos

No one understands your practice better than you, so why not tell your clients about it? Whether you specialize in one area, or many, video will help you sell what you do best. It gives you the chance to brag about your winning cases and expertise–successes that your clients want to hear about. And if you’re not comfortable on camera, we can record a voiceover for you instead! 

How Do We Look Out for Our Clients?

Accident Reconstruction Experts

What is a Contingency Basis?

Helicopter Crash Lawsuit

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Case

Spinal Chord Injury Case

Bicycle Injury Lawsuit

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Slip and Fall Cases

Emotional Trauma Cases

Car Accident Lawsuits


Show your clients why they should choose your law firm. Start marketing with video today!


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