NEW! Full-Service Video Marketing Packages

We Now Offer Full-Service Video Marketing and Management For Anyone Who Needs Video Production on an Ongoing Basis!

Video costs can add up and social media marketing is time-consuming. We know it’s hard to juggle it all when you run your own business…after all, we do it too!

So now we’re offering hands-off video marketing for a fixed, low-monthly cost.

Whether you need one video a month or 10, we will create, market, and manage all of your video needs, all under your fixed price.



We’ll Handle All of Your Video Marketing Needs:

  • Script Writing
  • Shooting
  • Graphics
  • Video Branding
  • Editing
  • YouTube comment and message response
  • Export
  • Upload
  • Tags
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Anything else you need to market with video


Customers and Subscribers will keep coming back to your site if you continue to generate fresh content. Continuous video marketing is essential to the growth of your brand.



Q: Who Exactly Needs Ongoing Video Marketing? 

A: Anyone Who Uses Social Media for Selling Their Brand!

  • If you own a blog
  • If you run a YouTube channel
  • If you need to market events that you run or attend regularly
  • If you are a nonprofit that wants to document how you give back
  • If you want to show the world your latest project or job

And if you already work with a video production company but just want someone to manage your YouTube and Vimeo accounts, we can do that too.



So…How Does This All Work?

We work together to figure out your video needs. From there we can come and shoot your videos on a regular basis, or film a lot all at once, and release the videos at regularly scheduled intervals. Here are some examples of each scenario:


OPO is a law firm that needs ongoing video marketing for the purpose of generating content and engaging with subscribers to advertise. We  filmed each partner discussing their business and different aspects of law in just one day. Out of that we’ve created 20 videos and counting…




Triumph is a nonprofit organization that holds events to raise money and gain new sponsors. They also need regular documentation of their efforts and how they give back to the community. We come and shoot for them whenever we’re needed.




After you approve your videos, we upload them wherever and whenever you need. Then we’ll title it, add descriptions, and fully manage your YouTube channel.


We guarantee you’ll love your video–or we’ll fix it until you do!


And if you already work with someone to do SEO for your video outlets, you can still take advantage of this deal!

In fact, we’ll charge you an even lower monthly cost to just produce the videos.



Why Does This Package Cost Less than Single-Video Pricing?

Just like a product-based business, the cost goes down the more we produce. In this case, your branding, video style, music, and all other aspects of production are established in the first video. So subsequent videos take less time to produce, even if we have to create new content.

And we pass those savings on to you, saving you thousands in potential video marketing costs. 



Web Marketing is Time-Consuming. We’ll Make Your Life Easier!

Running a business, blog, or nonprofit is hard enough in today’s busy digital world. And when you add web marketing, SEO, blogs, and videos into the mix, you’re spending a lot of time dealing with a lot of people. And more importantly you’re spending a lot of MONEY.

You don’t have to do it all yourself! And the best part is, when you let us handle it, you save money too. All while marketing your brand in the most effective way possible.

So how much does it all cost?



Packages start at Just $800/month. That’s a Yearly Advertising Budget of only $9,600 for Full-Service Video Marketing and Video Production!

And your fixed cost is Guaranteed to Never Go Up for the entire time you use our services! 



Every project is unique, so we can give you an accurate quote depending on your needs when you contact us.

Every Day That You’re Not Taking Advantage of Video Marketing, Your Business is Losing Money and Potential Customers. So Contact Us to See What We Can Do For You Today!



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