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Our Actor’s Services

At Two Channel Media, we ❤ actors! We’re here to help you boost your career by providing quality services that will give you the leg-up you need in this highly competitive industry. In fact, one of our partners has been an actor for 25 years, and he’s been through all the ups and downs of this job and has worked with scores of agents, coaches, and casting directors. So we understand that while working in entertainment is expensive, you also need a portfolio that looks professional to get noticed. That’s why we provide top-notch demo reels, auditions, and headshots at affordable prices. It’s time to start investing in your career—today!

(Strong language has been censored.)

Demo Reels


Don’t have any scenes for a demo reel? No problem! We write and shoot original scenes for up and coming and established actors that will help you highlight your talents. Play an instrument? Dance? Speak another Language? Now you can showcase it! And If all you need is to put your existing scenes together, we do that too.

Get together with a friend and pay half the price for an original demo reel!


Headshot Photography


Without a great headshot you won’t get anywhere in this business. Our photographer is trained in fine art photography, so she understands what it means to create a quality image. If you haven’t updated your headshot in a while, you need something fresh to keep up with trends and get ahead of the competition.


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Video & Voiceover Auditions


The industry is expanding out of LA, and more and more auditions are virtual. What that means is competition is stiffer than ever–so you need to make sure your digital audition is top quality. And to make sure you nail it, we provide an acting coach to help you before we record it–absolutely free.


Base Packages

Our actor packages start at the following prices:

Original Demo Reels
Unique Scene Written Just for You
Movie-Quality Videography
Editing & Color Grading
On-Set Coaching
Original Soundtrack

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Video and Voiceover Auditions
Recorded Video or Voiceover Audition
Free Coaching
Professional Quality
Comfortable Environment
Not tech-savvy? We’ll send the files for you.

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Studio Photoshoot
On-Shoot Acting Coach
3 Looks (Outfit Changes)
3 Edited Photos
Disc of Edits & Online Proofs

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